What could we achieve together in Orford and Warrington?

We believe great things happen when people come together in their communities.

This is a four week project to explore how Co-op can support people to come together and do practical and useful everyday things together in their neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood ideas

These are some of the ideas that residents are getting started in Orford and Warrington. Have a look at how you can get involved.

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Have you got an idea for starting something?

It doesn’t have to be grand — trying something small and everyday can have a huge impact when people come together.

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Events coming up

Luncheon Club

People sharing food over a table

Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9am - 1pm, £5

Radley Common Community Centre
Grasmere Ave, Warrington
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View more information , or contact Maureen on 07880 766171.

Your Member Pioneer

Dave work to join up and help the communities around our stores in Warrington, including members, local causes and local community groups.

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What’s good here?

Our shared community spaces, green spots, and hidden gems.

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